Before working with OpenBSD, I thought archlinux had good documenation, (
the wiki ). On OpenBSD I rarely need more things than the man pages, the
ports PKG docs and tailing the logfiles. But I can understand that
sometimes it feels good for short term benefits to be able to use an up and
running config for xy.
I've read the pf.conf manpage very often and still there is space for my
config to improve but I (believe) begin to understand how to configure it
properly and how it should be used. Never had that feeling with online
wikis. There I searched for xy, found an post that seems close to my
problem, copy paste, restart program and maybe it worked or not. Sometimes
this is faster but I definitely learned more with while reading manpages.
For my part I think it's not possible to build something better than the
manpages for its purpose. I do like other sources of information but this
is more about projects. Someone built xy with OpenBSD and wrote an article
about it. Share your stories via undeadly or whatever. Build an index that
lists cool OpenBSD Projects for everyone to find. And the rest is up to the
user and man(1)

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