Hi Ken,

Ken M wrote on Thu, May 17, 2018 at 08:50:53PM -0400:

> I will probably have to duck and run
> for suggesting javascript as the answer here...

Precisely.  :)

> But for the most part the modern industry standard to make pages
> scale well across many devices and screen orientations is to use
> a responsive design library, most notably bootstrap.

We are talking about a simplistic one-column layout here,
and avoiding that kind of bloat (in particular javascript)
is among the top four design goals, together with support
for hyperlinks, support for semantic annotations, and avoiding
gratuitous presentational differences when compared to terminal
output (just to avoid misunderstandings, not every difference
is gratuitous: for example, terminals naturally use fixed-width
fonts, HTML naturally uses proportional fonts).

But no, javascript is an even worse suggestion than the
original idea of "meta viewport".


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