Or would kernel's recompiling be needed anyways?

Moreover, I'm actually interested in intersection of watchdogs
provided by KVM and
supported by OpenBSD (as KVM's guest). At least as to KVM's it's gonna
be a short list:

1) i6300esb (PCI)
2) ib700 (ISA)

Attempt with 1st item shows its driver isn't compiled. Moreover, I've
found this in mail list archives:

revision 1.411
date: 2005/05/02 17:26:00;  author: grange;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -1;
Add ichwdt(4): Intel 6300ESB ICH watchdog timer driver. Disabled for
now due to lack of testing. If you have a machine that uses this
device please contact me.

Is there no solution of this task in OpenBSD 6.x?

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