On Sat, 27 Apr 2019 at 12:12, Theo de Raadt <dera...@openbsd.org> wrote:
> Igor Podlesny <open...@poige.ru> wrote:
> > 1) Is it true that more or less fresh OpenBSD generic kernels come with
> > no support of any watchdog hw?
> No.

I see.

> > 2) I heard that kernel modules were intentionally rid of in OpenBSD
> > primarily due security concerns -- did it really happen for that reason?
> No.

I see.

> > If so, and I assume that happened long ago, were there any developer's
> > opinions to undo this?
> No.

Well, since it was rid of not due security -- that q-n doesn't matter.
But thanks!

> > completely.
> Huh?  crypto implies security is amateur logic.  If only it were

I didn't say so. Just asked w/o any implies.

> that simple, we'd add crypto to garbage and get secure garbage.

I looked for pertinent reply on the matter not garbage analogies. ;-P
Look, if you're bored with that q-ns why don't you just skip it? I
didn't ask personally you.

> > OTOH, it's well known that dynamic loading approach greatly expands
> > functionality of
> > OS and makes it more convenient to use.
> OK, then I am happy to inform you Linux has everything you want, except
> it also has a ton of other things you probably don't want ... alas.

I'm well informed about Linux, NetBSD and you Theo and about lots of
different things. Some of them surely don't really change with time. ;-P

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