On 5/2/19 1:52 AM, Consus wrote:
> Hi,
> I've upgraded my systems from 6.4 to 6.5 without a glitch, but I see
> that /etc/networks and some other files (like malloc.conf.5) are still
> present, although there is no use for them in the new release.
> Is there a reason why these files are not listed in "FIles to remove"?
> Is there a way to track them? It's not like something gonna break, but
> old configuration files (and manual pages) lying around can make
> someone's life harder during the debug session.

There is no promise that an upgraded machine will be file-for-file
identical to a fresh install.  Here is the list of problems this might
cause you, as you can see, it's a long list and quite horrible:

* If you use the same hw for 20 years, you might run out of disk space?

Ok, not very long and not very horrible.

You are trying to solve a non-problem.  And sometimes, 'specially on an
upgraded machine, it's great to see how things WERE when the machine was
set up.  If you really care, go ahead, delete stuff.


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