Hi Nick,

Nick Holland wrote on Thu, May 02, 2019 at 08:04:32AM -0400:

> There is no promise that an upgraded machine will be file-for-file
> identical to a fresh install.  Here is the list of problems this might
> cause you, as you can see, it's a long list and quite horrible:
> * If you use the same hw for 20 years, you might run out of disk space?
> Ok, not very long and not very horrible.
> You are trying to solve a non-problem.  And sometimes, 'specially on an
> upgraded machine, it's great to see how things WERE when the machine was
> set up.  If you really care, go ahead, delete stuff.

There is (at least) one slight issue that doesn't have an official
solution yet: manual pages.

It might be a good idea to do

  # rm -rf /usr/share/man/* /usr/X11R6/man/*

immediately before an upgrade.

If you don't do that, man(1) might serve you stale manual pages
afterwards that were removed from the sets, containing information
that no longer applies.

All the same, so far, we don't officially recommend it, and even i
usually forget about it when doing upgrades.

Should that be automated?  Or are there risks of downsides or side
effects?  I'm not sure.  Either way, it's hardly a very serious
problem, it's merely slightly annoying.


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