Consus wrote on Fri, May 03, 2019 at 02:24:10PM +0300:

> Maybe it's a good idea to note this on the upgrade page? Something like
> "the upgrade procedure may leave some files behing; you can manually
> clean them up using sysclean package"?

We have worse problems with the upgrade page right now,
Specifically, we lack a maintainer for the file faq/upgrade66.html.

Besides, the sentence you are proposing is misleading.
Whether or not removing left-behind files provides benefit or rather
causes pointless risk depends on the specific files and on the
specific situation.

For example, it is definitely useful to remove stale Perl libraries.
It is also useful for stale header files if you compile software
from source.  It is useful (but not terribly important) for stale
manual pages.  It is usually detrimental for old versions of shared
libraries, unless you are *really* short on disk space (which is getting
less common nowadays) *and* you are very careful.

For most use cases, we do not recommend using sysclean.

I was specifically considering the (admittedly minor, but none the
less slightly annoying) issue of stale manual pages.


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