I'm a "linux guy" who wants a little bit more security...
I'm still learning openBSD, but I like the project's idea to build software 
with security in mind.Also, PF seems pretty good and I'm willing to learn it 
and if possible to deploy a CARP-ed cluster.

Sadly, I am still hesitant to try the gui... yet, there are a lot of stuff this 
BSD can be used for - from a firewall/router to a full blown Laptop distro.

And Of course, I love the documentation.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

>I first started using it around version 4.3. I was trying BSD's after 
>using Linux for a bit, and tried FreeBSD first.
>But OpenBSD was the only one that supported my laptop's WiFi card. And 
>getting everything running was much less of a hassle.
>It's the best BSD for getting a fine workstation up quickly.
>My Thinkpad T60 running OpenBSD got me through college just fine.
>It's the first operating system that I was able to do lots of cool 
>sysadmin stuff because of how simple it is.
>And also the first operating system I found that was easier to find 
>answers in the manual, and not through Google.
>Also the OS that inspired me to learn C programming.
>OpenBSD is the best BSD, and getting better every release.

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