On 27/1/20 11:59 pm, Justin Noor wrote:
> I am unable to send any log files or anything. I had to send this
> email from a different machine. I can take pictures of log files and
> transfer the information, but I'm not sure where to start.

A `dmesg` before the crash would at least tell us whether there's
problematic hardware/drivers in use.  Even though it's not taken at the
moment of the crash doesn't mean it's worthless.

Has the machine got a serial port?  Maybe you could hook that up to a
logging terminal emulator on another computer via a null-modem cable?
(It may need to be a PCI(e)-connected serial port rather than USB, not
many OSes support serial console over USB due to the complexities of USB

Maybe you could configure syslogd(8) to send its logs via UDP to a
syslog on another computer?  It might not catch the very last log
messages, but maybe might capture enough?
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