25 Oct 2020, 01:25 by dera...@openbsd.org:

> Rachel Roch <rr...@tutanota.de> wrote:
>> Is it just me or is the man entry for netstart(8) missing a reference to 
>> wg(4) ?
> ... and 300 other network interfaces.
> In otherwords, no, it should not be there.

OK smart alec, then why bother enumerating any of the non-physical interfaces 
on the man page ? 

Afterall, the man page does state at the head of the list "During the system 
boot, netstart is executed. netstart performs the following operations, in the 
sequence given".  

There is little point giving a half-assed description.  Either you enumerate 
ALL the non-physical interfaces, or otherwise you treat them the same way as 
the physical ones ("Configure all the physical interfaces").

Otherwise you are failing to explain what happens to any of your "300 other 
interfaces".  Enumerate or don't enumerate, I don't care ... but surely it is 
sensible to pay some reference to them.

Sheesh !

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