i don't care greatly if another developer wants to add this, but i
advise against it.  Talking to this person is a tedious job, he
seems to not understand very well what you say or to not really
listen.  He is also quite bad at explaining stuff and it's hard to
figure out what he is driving at.  So i fear listing him might do
our users a disservice.


Emre Kal wrote on Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 03:50:24AM +0100:

> 0
> C Turkey
> P
> T Istanbul
> Z 34330
> O Consultant
> I Emre Kal
> A Levent, Besiktas
> M e...@tuta.io
> U
> B
> X
> N OpenBSD consulting and support. Experienced in OpenBSD httpd,
> relayd and Packet Filter (PF).

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