Hi Emre,

Emre Kal wrote on Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 04:55:55PM +0100:

> If my request is rejected again, please provide me with the *objective*
> reasons why I am not allowed to list my services as a OpenBSD consultant.

That won't happen.

> I believe I am entitled

You are not entitled to anything.  The server www.openbsd.org is a
private server and the OpenBSD project is free to provide the
information it choses.  Just like you are free to advertise your
own services, or the services of other people you choose, on your
own website.  Nobody is entitled to an explanation.

Also note that we do not state the criteria for inclusion, nor are
they written down anywhere.  It's a matter of judgement.

In the past, it was considered whether the page support.html
should be deleted outright, to avoid distracting deevelopers
from development.  Even though i realize that such a page can
never be perfect, i consider it useful, so i committed to maintaining
it as best i can and trying to shield other developers from getting
distracted by it.

I'm not volunteering to follow any formal processes maintaining
it, and i feel convinced there is no need to.

That said, other developers are of course also free to commit
to the page.  But if they choose not to, they don't owe you an


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