Both files are looking good/same as before and local delivery with sendmail 
does not work: Connecting to [] via relay...
EHLO Hello [], pleased to meet you
250-SIZE 36700160
250 HELP
MAIL From:<> SIZE=108
250 2.0.0: Ok
RCPT To:<>
550 Invalid recipient

Hm... You said it stopped working after you restarted smtpd.
Maybe it runs of a wrong config file?

I once accidentally typed "smtpd" in the middle of changing the configuration. Which started a daemonized smtpd with an unfinished config. No matter how often I changed the smtpd.conf and typed "rcctl restart smtpd" the wrong config persisted :-) It toke me about two hours until I realised smtpd was still running after "rcctl stop smtpd".

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