Which leads to the question: Does user1 exist?

But I do not understand why osmtpd is looking at the /etc/passwd file when I have always used my table files (defined in smtp.conf) with a working environment,

My understanding is, according to the configuration you presented, that it has to lookup /etc/passwd. (I'm only unsure about the role of rcpt-to in this.)

"Aliasing tables are mappings that associate a recipient to one or many destinations.
accept for domain example.org virtual <myaliases> deliver to mbox
In a virtual domain context, the key is either a user part, a full email address or a catch all ... and the value is one or many recipients as described in aliases(5):"

"...The file consists of key/value mappings of the form:

key: value1, value2, value3, ...
...The key is expanded to the corresponding values, which consist of one or more of the following:

A user on the host machine. The user must have a valid entry in the passwd(5) database file. ..."

> and user1 has never been a system user.

What is user1 then? A virtual Dovecot user?
Can you maybe post your virtuals?

You could experiment with the "as user" parameter.

Like in your first message you again wrote "smtp.conf". I'm sure you meant "smtpd.conf", right?

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