On 19/03/2019 04:53, Gabriele Tofano wrote:
I discovered the below after running a smtpd -dv -Tlookup:

lookup: check "" as NETADDR in table static:<localhost> -> 0
lookup: check "" as NETADDR in table static:<anyhost> -> found
lookup: check “domain.com" as DOMAIN in table static:<dynamic:0> -> found
lookup: lookup “user1" as USERINFO in table getpwnam:<getpwnam> -> 0

Why osmtpd is looking for user1 in table getpwnam? What table is that?

Maybe share your whole lookup debug log.

I see it's looking up user1 instead of us...@domain.com, which it means it's matching the action with alias rule, not the action with virtuals rule.

Good luck,

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