I'm also interested in this topic. A lot of spam are still passing through.
On my personal mailbox, I receive almost no spam.But on addresses that are 
visible on a website I receive spam, two/three per day many are blocked though.
I have the same strategy as Thomas and use spamd and spam trap mails.

Joerg your filter looks nice but I don't understand how it works.I'm looking 
forward to have something native with opensmtpd, spam is a pain.
    Le vendredi 21 juin 2019 à 14:08:00 UTC+2, Joerg Jung <m...@umaxx.net> a 
écrit :  

On 20. Jun 2019, at 00:40, Thomas Smith <theitsm...@thomassmith.info> wrote:

I’ve been using a combination of OpenSMTPd and spamd on OpenBSD (currently at 
6.5) for some time and with success. However, there are still some 
false-negatives and I’m looking at ways of reducing those. One way is by making 
use of RBLs.

(I’ve evaluated delivered spam and the majority of it seems to be coming from 
IPs that are on various blacklists but aren’t being caught by greylisting.)

spamd doesn’t support RBLs, at least that I’ve found, it can only use lists 
that can be downloaded locally—the particular service I’m wanting to use only 
provides DNS-based RBLs. So that’s my problem…

I’m looking for ways of including an RBL in either spamd or OpenSMTPd, 
preferring to stay in OpenBSD base as much as possible. (In other words, I’d 
prefer to not rip out spamd or replace or supplement it with SpamAssassin or 
rspamd—I’d rather find a solution that will plugin _specifically_ for RBLs 
without all of the other bloat that SpamAssassin and similar products bring.

Can anyone offer some input on this please?

I’m not opposed to writing an OpenSMTPd filter, though I’d need to locate some 
documentation for that (I’ve looked but haven’t been able to find it, so I’m 
probably looking in the wrong places—suggestions welcomed).

I’ve written a filter already: 
https://www.umaxx.net/dl/filter-dnsbl-0.4.tar.gzDon’t expect support, see other 
mails and comments from Gilles on the filter topic.  

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