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> On Sunday, June 30, 2019 1:46 PM, Gilles Chehade <gil...@poolp.org> wrote:
> > I'm currently working on bringing a filter-rspamd to life, see:
> >
> > https://poolp.org/posts/2019-06-30/june-2019-report-fion-bpg-and-smtpd/
> Fantastic Gilles, thanks for your great work! I am looking forward to try 
> this filter out.
> [...]
> So basically I am not interested in the score but just in a boolean 
> true/false if the mail is spam or not and then have OpenSMTPD refuse the 
> submission/relaying of the mail to further mail servers on the internet.

yes, filter-rspamd will apply the policy configured in rspamd.

if you configure rspamd to flag spam mail as reject, smtpd will reject them.

> My impression is that this right now is not possible with OpenSMTPD. Am I 
> right here?

No, it is not possible with OpenSMTPD.

You need a filter to do this and filter-rspamd is such a filter.

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