On 28/08/2019 01:00, Reio Remma wrote:
The fresh RPM installed nicely on a clean CentOS 7 with their OpenSSH 1.0.2k and OpenSMTPD started too:
Aug 28 00:50:07 localhost smtpd[9338]: cfa3e1042696f77a mta delivery evpid=953ab16d13e43b2f 
from=<test@localhost.localdomain>  to=<t...@gmail.com>  rcpt=<-> source="" 
relay=" (lt-in-f27.1e100.net)" delay=3m12
s result="Ok" stat="250 2.0.0 OK  1566942607 w6si428635lfk.121 - gsmtp"

Funnily this sole test e-mail managed to get us Spamhaus banned due to using localhost.localdomain. :D

Good luck,

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