I think I have it now. The lmtpd user was member of the goup "mail", that is required to access the socket, however, it was not it's primary group. Seems like opensmtpd does not like the non primary groups.

I've changed this and it seems to work now - besides mary not having a mailbox, but that is on the other side of the socket and ok:

b2e883cb2493b807 mda delivery evpid=bb707c97fa5b562b from=<sen...@nospam.net> to=<m...@example.com> rcpt=<m...@example.com> user=lmtpd delay=2m40s result=TempFail stat=Error (temporary failure: "mail.lmtp: LMTP server error: 550-Mailbox unknown. Either there is no mailbox associated with this")

What is still bite me, why the error changed from

mail.lmtp: No such file or directoryconnect


mail.lmtp: Permission deniedconnect

All that I can remember I've done was a restart (or poweron today, after I've powered off yesterday).

Anyway, thanks to all for your time, support and hints. I'll silently try to figure out the cause for the change in the errormessage and then we may move on to filtering.

Thanks very much again!


Am 08.09.19 um 17:22 schrieb Reio Remma:
On 07.09.2019 12:53, Ede Wolf wrote:
Excellent idea, however, the error stays the same. No change, despite copying 
the whole opensmtpd folder to /usr/local/libexec

result=TempFail stat=Error (temporary failure: "mail.lmtp: No such file or 

I purposefully mistyped the Dovecot LMTP socket in my config and got the same 

Sep  7 13:26:28 host smtpd[26873]: 7cde0d1cf207f8f3 mda delivery evpid=b96774ed55a5492e from=<> 
to=<> rcpt=<> user=3 delay=0s result=TempFail stat=Error (temporary failure: "mail.lmtp: 
No such file or directoryconnect")

I suspect your problem is that there is no Cyrus LMTP listening in 

action "deliver" lmtp "/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp" rcpt-to user lmtpd

Do you actually use Cyrus IMAP?

Good luck,

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