January 25, 2020 9:21 PM, "Edgar Pettijohn" <ed...@pettijohn-web.com> wrote:

> On 01/25/20 14:20, gil...@poolp.org wrote:
>> January 25, 2020 8:50 PM, "Edgar Pettijohn" <ed...@pettijohn-web.com> wrote:
>>> I haven't seen any mention of this, but for some reason in my limited 
>>> "testing" of filters I have
>>> to use \r\n in my responses to smtpd. Is this normal? Doesn't seem to be 
>>> documented and what
>>> filters I've looked at don't appear to be using \r\n.
>> Indeed, you must certainly NOT use "\r\n" in filters.
>>> For example without ORS = "\r\n" the following script will cause smtpd to 
>>> basically just hang.
>>> There is no errors reported, but when I attempt to telnet localhost 25 the 
>>> daemon doesn't greet me.
>>> After adding ORS = "\r\n" everything works as expected.
>> I'm not familiar with awk beyond very basic uses, could this be due to some
>> flushing not happening by default and which gets triggere with "\r\n" ?
>> This is another awk filter which doesn't use ORS:
>> https://github.com/jirutka/opensmtpd-filter-rewrite-from/blob/master/filter-rewrite-from
>> so I'm not sure why yours block but the solution is not with "\r\n" for sure
> I get the same with filter-rewrite-from.

Can you run filter traces while you reproduce ?

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