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I haven't seen any mention of this, but for some reason in my limited "testing" of filters I have to use \r\n in my responses to smtpd. Is this normal? Doesn't seem to be documented and what
filters I've looked at don't appear to be using \r\n.
Indeed, you must certainly NOT use "\r\n" in filters.

For example without ORS = "\r\n" the following script will cause smtpd to basically just hang. There is no errors reported, but when I attempt to telnet localhost 25 the daemon doesn't greet me.
After adding ORS = "\r\n" everything works as expected.
I'm not familiar with awk beyond very basic uses, could this be due to some flushing not happening by default and which gets triggere with "\r\n" ?

setvbuf(stdout, NULL, _IONBUF, 0);

to awk's main() fixes it on my laptop. Still don't understand how my laptop is apparently the only device effected...

At least I can continue testing on my laptop anyway.


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