thank you for your help. I am going to describe my goal a little bit different, maybe it gets clearer when i do.

I am trying to have a list of email accounts that OpenSMTPD recieves emails for and sends to Dovecot via lmtp without having the email accounts as real system accounts on that server. Currently there is a Postfix running for that usecase and in there i have virtual maps for those cases:

 - virtual_mailbox_maps
 - virtual_mailbox_domains

But i want to switch that server from Postfix to OpenSMTPD because i like OpenSMTPD much more and it comes with OpenBSD in base.

So i am looking for a way to recieve emails for accounts that dont have a system account on that server and just send them to Dovecot.

An alias map is not helping me here because i cannot say

us...@foo.com: us...@foo.com

As far as i understand it, that would create a loop.

Thanks and greetings

Am 05.04.2020 um 14:35 schrieb Tassilo Philipp:
I might be misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve, but it sounds to me that you need mail aliases.

Check the "alias" option of "action", and also the section "Aliasing tables" in table(5).


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