On Wed, 6 Mar 2024, Omar Polo wrote:

On 2024/03/06 10:15:26 -0800, Andi Vajda <o...@ovaltofu.org> wrote:

Good catch!  With the 7.4 I reworked much of the configure script, this
is an un-indented fallout from it.  In particular, we explicitly enable
-R for NetBSD.  Can you please test the attached diff?  Should make your
original ./configure invocation (i.e. without the -R flag in LDFLAGS and
with --with-libssl) to work out-of-the-box again, hopefully!

I was able to apply the patch.

also, remember to run ./bootstrap after applying the patch to
re-generate the configure script.

There is no file named bootstrap in the opensmptd-7.4.0p1 archive I downloaded from https://www.opensmtpd.org/archives/opensmtpd-7.4.0p1.tar.gz.

This is really puzzling.  Maybe there are duplicate lines in
/etc/passwd?  I'm failing to see how this may happen! :(

I checked and _smtpd and _smtpq occur only once in /etc/passwd.
I don't get the setuid error when running 7.3.0p2 built from download.


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