Hello everybody,

I would like to create a windows installer for my application based on mitk (no workbench plugin). I have installed nsis, but when I run the 'cpack' command within the build directory the following error appears :

CPack: Create package using NSIS
CPack: Install projects
CPack: - Run preinstall target for: my_project
CPack: - Install project: my_project
CPack: Create package
CPack Error: Problem running NSIS command: "E:/App/NSIS/makensis.exe" "[path_to_build_dir]/_CPack_Packages/win64/NSIS/project.nsi" Please check [path_to_build_dir]/_CPack_Packages/win64/NSIS/NSISOutput.log for errors
CPack Error: Problem compressing the directory
CPack Error: Error when generating package: my_project

and from NSISOutput.log :
!macro: macro named "RemoveSection" already found!
Error in script "[path_to_build_dir]/_CPack_Packages/win64/NSIS/project.nsi" on line 127 -- aborting creation process

I am using QtCreator, but the behavior is the same when compiling the "PACKAGE" project with Visual Studio 2015.

Do you have any suggestions ? Am I missing something ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Paolo Cabras
Research Engineer
Automatic, Vision and Control Team
ICUBE (UMR 7357 CNRS-Université de Strasbourg)

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