I tried renaming the java library to force a failure and got a java error 
"Error occurred during initialization of VM" before any mkgmap code was 
executed, so to be on the safe side, I have removed that code and amended the 
message in the attached patch.


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Hi Mike

> I could take out that bit of code, which is just determining how
> much physical memory is installed, so that mkgmap won't suggest that the
> user increases the available heap too much. It isn't used in determining a
> value for maxjobs.

Since it is just used for an informational message, you could just
surround it with a try/catch block.  Then if it doesn't
exist on a particular it isn't a problem when using the
downloaded pre-compiled distribution.

Of course it would fail to compile on such a platform, but then
hopefully someone will let us know and we can decide what to do then.


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