What error message do you get on your phone? If it’s a time-out like message, 
there is still something in your network blocking the connection, like e.g. a 
router. It’s best to try first with both devices on the same network, e.g. your 
home wifi network.

And of course, double check that the IP address and port you input on your 
phone match those that are mentioned in the desktop app. For first tests, it’s 
also safer to leave username and password empty on both devices to avoid 
mistyping ☺



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Hi Peter
I am using a VPN (PIA) and when I rebooted the PC and then disabled the vpn, I 
was able to get the sync server running (well, I see an IP address at any 
rate).  Though I still can't actually sync as my android phone won't connect to 
the IP address given.  I have tried changing the port with no luck.

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