> On Feb 2, 2018, at 3:16 PM, paul.jac...@sadasystems.com wrote:
> I'm growing tired of crashes related to multiple threads accessing the 
> database at the same time and I can either go through and put everything in 
> queues (not sure yet if NSOperation or dispatch), or try switching to 2.0 
> which I expect I'd end up doing in time anyway.

2.0 will provide more thread-safety, but you can still get yourself in trouble. 
For example, modifying the same document on two threads at once will create a 
conflict, and it gets worse if you’re using the same CBLDocument object on 
multiple threads, since the value of a property will depend on which thread 
wrote to it last.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of which threads/queues your code is 
running on, that’s a “code smell” that can indicate trouble with your design. 
(Not saying this to insult you; I’ve definitely been there myself!)


Jens Alfke — Mobile Architect — Couchbase, Inc.

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