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    Let's say I wanted to submit a module named:


    Would this be considered bad form if my "Foobar" module is not related
    to the existing Class::Error module in any way?  In other words,
    Foobar does not depend on, extend, nor reference the Class::Error
    module other than perhaps a courtesy "See Also" mention.

It is not necessarily bad form, but if there is an existing "Class::Error" ecosystem you might consider asking the author first in case they wanted to use that sub-namespace. That does not really seem to be the case here.

I'd say that you should ask no matter what, and should also consider using something like Foobar::Error instead. Partly to avoid trampling on someone else's namespace, but also because using C::E::Foobar might give your users some incorrect expectations if they are already using Class::Error elsewhere.

David Cantrell

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