i try’d dllimport before and everything works fine.

BUT I like(need) to have methods to fill data in textfields….


I know that everything could be made with methods and dllimport, but is this 
the recommended way?

Have a “easy” code on Windows and complicated on Ubuntu ??? :(


        private void FillHeader(IModel row)


            // ReSharper disable SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global

            var xtextfields = ((XTextFieldsSupplier)Document).getTextFields();

            // ReSharper restore SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global

            var xText = Document.getText();

            var enumaration = xtextfields.createEnumeration();

            while (enumaration.hasMoreElements())




                    var field = enumaration.nextElement();

                    if (!(field.Value is XTextField)) continue;

                    var name = (field.Value as 

                    var value = GetPropertyValue(row, name);


                    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(value))






                        (field.Value as 





                    // ReSharper disable RedundantJumpStatement


                    // ReSharper restore RedundantJumpStatement



            var xModel = (Document);

            var xController = xModel.getCurrentController();

            // ReSharper disable SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global

            var xTextViewCursor = 

            // ReSharper restore SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global





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Betreff: Re: [Mono-list] mono and LibreOffice (Ubuntu/Linux)


My use case for my service was very simple:

1) Convert a "whatever" document to PDF

2) Generate a XLS/Calc spreadsheet from XML data (this part was later dealt 
with using NPOI)


I found that using the C# and/or Java bindings the whole thing was quite 
unstable, so I wrote a small C/C++ wrapper, that in turn is called by Mono or 
.Net with a standard DLLImport. This works both on Linux and Windows (it's for 
a ASP.Net MVC web app that is developed and tested under Windows and deployed 
under Linux).


If you wish, code is freely (in any meaning) available, beware that it probably 
requires some cleaning up.




2016-10-18 3:06 GMT+02:00 Miguel de Icaza via Mono-list 
<mono-list@lists.dot.net <mailto:mono-list@lists.dot.net> >:

Sadly, I do not recall the details, and the little information that was 
available on the net has been gone.


But judging from a blog post of mine [1], it looks like Michael Meeks at the 
time ported the support to run with Mono.   Other than that, I do not have more 


I managed to track down some old Addin for MonoDevelop, and you can maybe use 
this as a starting point for your investigations:




I suggest you reach out to the open office team.


[1] http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2008/Jun-12.html


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Subject: AW: [Mono-list] mono and LibreOffice (Ubuntu/Linux)


Ok, Thanks.

With Ubuntu > 12.04 can’t find “cli-cppuhelper” no more.

Is this a problem within mono or libreoffice?

If you use libreoffice > 3.5 you will see that it will not work.




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When I last used it, all the work took place on Unix, I do not recall using 
Windows at all.




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Subject: [Mono-list] mono and LibreOffice (Ubuntu/Linux)


Hi all,

i just restart working on a project that uses LibreOffice(CLI) from mono.

Now I am wondering that the assembly’s (cli_cppuhelper.dll) only run on Windows?

Is there is a way to get this working again?



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