Dear all,

I am trying to engage with the media in an effort of showing to the public why geometric morphometrics is important to address relevant biological questions. Below are two recent examples that I hope you will be able to share and comments on:

This is a bit of extra work after publishing a paper, but I hope the whole society will become familiar with Thompson's grids as much as we are.

Please any feedback/comment on how to proceed expanding impact of our research will be more than welcome. We are trying to use morphometrics in order to solve taxonomic issues relevant to conservation biology. I am sure there is plenty of much better examples in the literature and it will be nice to summarize this in a relevant review at some point.

We are also working in a way to implement spatial analyses into PLS (e.g. as covariance matrix it could be incorporated as error term similarly to PGLS procedure). Anyone aware of similar examples or planning to work on this please be in touch.

All the best


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