>Daniel Veditz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Do we know how much of the codebase
>> will have to be re-written in the face of balky contributors?

>libjpeg, at the very least.  libjpeg has been working with a perfectly
>satisfactory BSD-style license since before GPL existed, and I will not
>consider any requests to change its license at this late date.

>Now, a BSDish component in a GPLish application is not a problem from
>the point of view of the component's license.  If it's a problem from
>the point of view of the GPL side, that's your problem not mine.  I can
>certainly live with it ... just don't start advertising my code as being
>distributed under the GPL, because it ain't.

>                       regards, tom lane
>                       organizer, Independent JPEG Group

        Firstly, the only scenario being discussed is one
that simply mozilla.org simply gives additional permissions.
Everyone would still have the right to distribute the stock
Mozilla releases under MPL, so, even if the libjpeg copyright
were GPL incompatible, that does not mean that libjpeg would
have to be rewritten for inclusion in Mozilla.

        Secondly, everyone seems to agree that the new BSD
copying conditions are GPL compatible.  So, which provision or
provisions of the libjpeg copying conditions do you claim are
GPL incompatible?  If libjpeg really is GPL incompatible and
will not change, then I would encourage you to publicize that
more clearly.  The claim of libjpeg's GPL incompatability
comes as a shock to me, and I suspect others who wrote
software that uses it were not under that impression either.
For example, KDE's GPL'ed web browser "konqueror" links in libjpeg.

        If you can convince me that libjpeg's copying conditions
really are GPL incompatible, then perhaps we can find an older version
to downgrade to or an alternative.  We will surely remove it from
our distribution if this is the case.

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