Hi all,

I am now trying Debian jessie with 0.19.1.  However, zeroconf is not
enabled, and /var/log/mpd/mpd.log shows "zeroconf: No global port,
disabling zeroconf".

Further looking into the code, I found the following in
zeroconf/ZeroconfGlue.cxx, line 52-57:

if (listen_port <= 0) {
                   "No global port, disabling zeroconf");
        zeroconfEnabled = false;

then in Listen.cxx, line 112-118

        if (listen_systemd_activation(error))
                return true;

        if (error.IsDefined())
                return false;

//...line 149-151:
        listen_port = port;
        return true;

Since jessie now uses systemd instead of sysvinit,
listen_systemd_activation() is true.  Then the function exit immediately
without setting listen_port = port.

Correct me if I am wrong as I just guess from reading the code.


Kim-man "Punky" Tse

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