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> > listen_systemd_activation() is true.  Then the function exit
> > immediately without setting listen_port = port.
> Correct.  Which value do you expect it to have, and where will it
> obtain that value from?

In zeroconf module, listen_port variable is used.  listen_port variable
should be set to the value that MPD (successfully) listens to, and if TCP
port (default 6600) is being configured

I don't know much about systemd, and don't understand why systemd would
active the socket on behalf of the service (similar to inetd or xinetd!?).
But it seems to me listen_port is no longer set when systemd is enabled.

The problem here is when listen_port does not set, zeroconf is not enable.
I read through the codes on zeroconf module that it publishes the service
port using listen_port.

To make zeroconf works with systemd again, the argument is:

1. Just a added "listen_port=port;" after the test of
is true? or
2. change zeroconf module to use port variable to publish the service? (but
port being configured does not mean mpd successfully listens to it)

It didn't read many mpd codes, so I don't understand the impact after any
of the above changes.  I am happy to discuss and find a right solution.


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