On 2014/12/03 02:56, Punky <punky...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In zeroconf module, listen_port variable is used.  listen_port variable
> should be set to the value that MPD (successfully) listens to, and if TCP
> port (default 6600) is being configured

But listen_port is ignored when systemd socket activation is used.
With socket activation, listen_port may or may not describe the port
that systemd listens to - there is no relation between the two.

Thus, MPD currently does not enable zeroconf when socket activation is
used, because MPD does not know what port to announce.

> I don't know much about systemd, and don't understand why systemd would
> active the socket on behalf of the service (similar to inetd or
> xinetd!?).

systemd would activate the socket on behalf of the service because you
told it to.  It is optional, and you enabled it ("systemctl enable
mpd.socket" instead of "systemctl enable mpd.service").
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