On 2014/12/02 14:05, X Ryl <boite.pour.s...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As the subject says, this patch adds support for optional headers for
> the HTTP output plugins. These headers are required for allowing cross
> origin resource sharing (for one, but it can be used in reverse proxy
> mode to identify the server sources).
> This makes possible to receiving the HTTP stream asynchronously in
> Javascript, and as such to lower the latency when playing the stream
> in a web browser / javascript based audio player.
> It also fix a bug with escaped chars not processed as described in the
> config file's tokenizer.

I find it too difficult to read your patch, due to many pointless
whitespace changes.  Please strip those out.

Oh, and a patch submission should not need an explanation email.  If
you need email text, then your commit message is too short.
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