On 2014/12/03 17:00, X Ryl <boite.pour.s...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  I don't see a single whitespace change in this patch.

I do.  Proof:

-#      type            "httpd"
+#      type             "httpd"

> Also, I didn't know what were the project policies, but the content of
> the initial email is summed up in the commit message on top of the
> patch,
> Maybe you want me to send the patch as embedded text in this mail, or
> with attachment is enough ?

No, I just want NO EXPLANATION in the email.  Explanation outside of
the commit message as an indication for a bad commit message.  And
indeed it is bad; it contains everything in one huge subject line.

There is no documentation, and there is no verification.  Your
indentation is wrong (spaces instead of tabs).
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