> On 2017/08/11 13:54, Kurt Van Dijck <dev.k...@vandijck-laurijssen.be> wrote:
> > in order to successfully write() to a fifo, the read() must
> > complete.
> Nitpicking: that part is not true.  Linux has a pipe buffer as well,
> which defaults to 64 kB (configurable).  Maybe other kernels don't
> have one, but Linux does.

Even more nitpicking:
mkfifo testfifo
echo hello world > testfifo
... wait ...
cat testfifo
        now echo has completed.
I know that internal buffers exist. I didn't say it wasn't.
I said writing does not complete before reading starts :-)
And that is IMO a pain to deal with as user.
For the reference: I didn't perform the above test with unix sockets
but I never experienced problems neither.

So far for the gory details :-)
I'm getting back to my mpd-to-mqtt gateway ...

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