>    I am trying to allow a second application to send a STOP command to
>    MPD, using the existing local socket created by MPD.  I would like to
>    allow a form of Convenience Switching.  So if music is playing through
>    MPD from an MPD client (JRiver).  The second application could then
>    STOP MPD play safely(as though command came from MPD client (Jriver).
>    I have attached a terminal screen shot  below, showing mpd socket
>    assignment.
A snippet I wrote recently:

static int connect_uri(const char *host, int port, int preferred_type)
        int sock;

        if (*host == '@' || *host == '/') {
                /* unix socket */
                struct sockaddr_un addr = {
                        .sun_family = AF_UNIX,
                int socklen;

                strcpy(addr.sun_path, host);
                socklen = strlen(host) + offsetof(struct sockaddr_un, sun_path);

                sock = socket(AF_UNIX, preferred_type, 0);
                if (sock < 0)
                        mylog(LOG_ERR, "socket AF_UNIX ...: %s", ESTR(errno));
                if (connect(sock, (void *)&addr, socklen) < 0)
                        mylog(LOG_ERR, "bind %s: %s", host, ESTR(errno));
                return sock;

The remainder goes via ip sockets, which is not necessarily what you

Is this what you were looking for?

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