We're trying to ensure we don't lose messages in Disaster Recovery situations.  Our failover solution seems OK, we have a SAN configured to hold all queue manager details and that is accessible by another machine in the Veritas cluster if we need to failover.  For DR we're looking to use another machine that is based 3,000 miles away, for this we need to minimise the amount of data we replicate, hence the reason why we're contemplating on replicating just the Q files and not LOG files.


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What I don't understand here, is the purpose of the
replication.  Are we trying to retain backups of the
qmgr's objects, or both the objects and the messages?

If you are only trying to retain copies of the


MS03: WebSphere MQ - Save Queue Manager object
definitions using PCFs

Otherwise, investigate a mirrored DSAD solution, or;
if you are using AIX, the HACMP supportpac...

MC63: WebSphere MQ for AIX - Implementing with HACMP

Maybe explain what your goal is, that has you trying
this experiment.  I'd like to understand what you are
trying to accomplish.
Thank you,

--- "Kulbir S. Thind" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> We're thinking about setting up replication for our
> queue manager to
> ensure that just the Q files are backed up but not
> the LOG files for the
> queue manager.  This is being contemplated as it
> appears the log files are
> updated far more than the Q files as the LOG files
> are doing internal
> MQSeries checks, etc.  We need to reduce the amount
> of data that we're
> replicating.
> My first thoughts on this were that this would not
> work as the Q files
> would be out of sync with the LOG files.  However we
> performed the
> following:
> Created a queue manager
> Started the queue manager
> Created some queues
> Put some message on the queues
> Ended the queue manager
> Took a copy of the LOG files used by the queue
> manager
> Started the queue manager
> Put some more messages on the queues
> Created another queue object
> Ended the queue manager
> Restored the LOG files that were backed up in step 6
> Started the queue manager
> At this point I was expecting issues but I found
> that the queue manager
> started without problems and it recognised the queue
> that was created in
> step 9.  Does this mean if we took a copy of the LOG
> files and restored
> them to a queue manager at a later point retaining
> the latest Q files we
> would have no problems?  Has anyone tried this or no
> of any problems?
> Cheers,
> Kulbir.

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