Good morning everyone...
I think I am having a brain meltdown....  Here is what we are trying to accomplish.
1. WAS 5.1
2. Websphere MQ
1370 queue managers in single cluster.  WAS application running with client connection to central queue manager needs to send a single message to one queue manager in the cluster.  (There are 1364 instances of for example (TEST.QUEUE)  One on each of the queue managers in the cluster.  The queue managers are broken down into two categories (HQ and Stores) all stores queue managers are distributed across the country and each have a unique name.
My question is, How can my local HQ application running on WAS put a message to a specific queue manager within the cluster?
I know each MQ object has a unique name (Object Name / Object QMGR Name)  Where in the JMS code can we put the specific name?
Thanks for any input you can provide.
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