Hello Martin.

Here better explanation of the utility of libX11.so (many thanks Graeme for
the infos).


To resume:

libX11.so (and then libx11-dev) is needed for the linker only.

Here part of answer of stackexchange:

/The reason for the symbolic link is for the linker. When you want to link
against libpthread.so directly, you give gcc the flag -lpthread, and it adds
on the lib prefix and .so suffix automatically. You can't tell it to add on
the .so.0 suffix, so the symbolic link points to the newest version of the
lib to faciliate that./

And this explain why libc-dev is not needed : the libc.so is not linked but
loaded as "common" library.

OK, I was wrong, I admit.

But now I am richer (thanks to Graeme), I learn lot things.


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