> pcaudiolib calls portaudio if requested.

Are you sure ?

In README.md, line 187:

#### Audio Output Configuration

The following `configure` options control which audio interfaces to use:

| Option              | Audio Interfaces | Default |
| `--with-pulseaudio` | PulseAudio       | yes     |
| `--with-portaudio`  | PortAudio        | yes     |

But in the script configure there is no `--with-portaudio flag !

And if you take a look at CHANGELOG.md, at line 216:

*  Removed the local portaudio header files.
*  Use the system's sonic library and header files.

So, IMHO, portaudio is not ever used anymore (and README.md should be

> so he did not built in the pcaudiolib functionality directly into
> espeak-ng

Hum, once again IMHO, this is sad, a unique library/binary should be good
Why not as flag in configure ? ;)

But maybe MSE will propose it...


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