Hello Sieghard.

Thanks for the precious infos.
I'm (not) sure that MSEgui for Wayland will appear soon but as much information 
as possible is needed to make it appear.

Also maybe it would be good to reorder-rename the sub-directories in 
Actually there is /kernel/windows and /kernel/linux.

I would vote to change /kernel/linux into /kernel/unix because there are code 
for BSD OS like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD.
And, because of maybe new graphic interfaces, create directory /kernel/unix/x11 
and move all the x11-related units form /kernel/unix to /kernel/unix/x11.

For the users, just change in MSEide, config: Target OS = uinx (in place of 
And add in Project/Options/make/Directories: ${MSELIBDIR}kernel/$TARGETOSDIR/x11

And just change the sub-directory to compile with a other gui interface.

Maybe those change could be done with the new release with all the new 
properties, your new dialog files and the new MSEide binary release.
Of course MSEgui Wayland and will only "todo"


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