Hello everybody.

Thanks Sieghard for the infos.

Some good news from the front.

I finally found a C demo that was working on a Wayland system.
Some tweak needed and some hair to loose to make it compile + run.

Then I tackled the big part: the conversion to Pascal.

My nearly-friend ChatGPT helped me (but loooot of errors and non-sense, but ok, 
he's still young).

Finally, after hard and painfull fight, I get it: a beautifull Wayland 


The source is in https://github.com/fredvs/wayland-pascal

And I have a other scoop: I will terminate the combat, I am happy with the 
first steps, Wayland is accessible to fpc, all the tools are there and work.

But for deeper exploration of Wayland, asap ( as so long as possible).

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