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you wrote on Sat, 23 Sep 2023 02:41:00 +0000:

> Yes, sure and I am far to be ready for a msegui-wayland interface.
> I think that I have all the tools now to use Wayland with fpc, all the
> demos of the demos-book are translated and compile.

Fine - I saw that you presented a Wayland client window picture already.

> But the problem now is the C code from the book, compiling the C demos
> with some surface and shell does not run. It crash at loading.

Well - as I don't have any notion (yet) about what's required here, I'm
totally clueless in this respect - sorry.

> And it seems because of the shell used in the demo are not the one used
> by Ubuntu-wayland. So I have to adapt the code using xdg_shell that is
> used by Ubuntu. And I am a totally newbie in that jungle.

Strange - shells should be freely interchangeable I thought, even on a
graphical system, using a terminal program. Isn't that a terminal window
what your Wayland picture shows? I.e. is that just an empty window without
anything able to accept application requests?
(So, you need a "shell" to run a shell program? Funny...)
> Imho, Wayland is far to be ready and x11 has still long days before to
> disapear.

I sure hope so for Linux, and it's no question for the BSDs and similar
systems anyway, as Wayland, AFAIK, is narrowly targeted on Linux only, and
beyond that, on Linux running systemd. I don't run a systemd Linux...
(And I do not want to.)

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