What if you group just by model?  Is the report being thrown off by the double 
group by?  I seem to always have trouble when double grouping.  As long as you 
don't have two manufacturers with the same model- should be ok to group by 
model only.

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What is the other report?
How many more does it see?
This query look right, you should only see a few extra at best, due to dupe and 
deleted pcs.

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I am using the following query to get a list of all computers models in our DB 
plus the count of each. But this report returns more values than should exist. 
Example, it says we have 450 of Dell XXXXX, but through other reports I count 
far less. Ideas?

,       Model0
,       COUNT(*) AS 'Count'

GROUP BY  Manufacturer0, Model0


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