in my lab; after running the script; I noticed 1610 wasn't there right away
either.  I don't recall how long it was--I got distracted by production.
by the time I got back to the lab it was the next day--and it was there.
You may just need to wait longer?

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 12:23 PM, the codepoets <>

> We have 1511 installed and seemingly working fine in both our LAB and
> Production. I see 1602 and 1606 in both consoles, but not 1610. I know 1511
> is stated as the minimum, but has anyone confirmed this and done an in
> console upgrade from 1511 to 1610? (And yes, I've already tried running the
> PowerShell script to make the update available with no luck. The script
> completes fine but there is no change in either environment)
> Thanks,
> Erik

Thank you,

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