On Jan 5, 2011, at 7:35 AM, Mike Dubman wrote:

> Also, found following inside RunEngine.pm code:
> # Set some thresholds for an early exit
> my $break_threshold;
> $break_threshold->{MTT::Values::PASS}      = Value($ini, $section, 
> "break_threshold_pass");
> $break_threshold->{MTT::Values::FAIL}      = Value($ini, $section, 
> "break_threshold_fail");
> $break_threshold->{MTT::Values::TIMED_OUT} = Value($ini, $section, 
> "break_threshold_timeout");
> $break_threshold->{MTT::Values::SKIPPED}   = Value($ini, $section, 
> "break_threshold_skipped");
> but it seems like "break rules" are available per single test section instead 
> of whole mtt session.

Looks like we started this functionality with similar thoughts to what you 
posted (I dimly recall having such discussions in the past), but didn't really 
flesh it out.

If you want to make a better implementation of this functionality, that would 
be great.  :-)

Jeff Squyres
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