For the most part, most modules do not differentiate between CV and audio.

But some do treat them differently, and do it how you suggest, sampling the
CV inputs at a lower rate. I know the Roland System 1m and the Hoxton OWL
both do this, and probably many others. The OWL and 1m label their audio
and CV inputs differently.

They always use the same 1/8" connector (not counting modules made for
interfacing with other specific types of external hardware).

Like others are saying there's no real standards for  amplitude or
bandwidth. I have some modules that take -5/+5 and some that take 0/+10,
and some that do +/- 10 all for the same purpose.


On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 03:07 STEFFAN DIEDRICHSEN <>

> On 14.11.2017|KW46, at 08:32, robert bristow-johnson <
>> wrote:
> does the Eurorack standard specification equate audio and control voltages
> much the same as the old patchboard Moogs?
> I think, Moog was very special, if it comes to that topic.
> issues are:
> 1. connectors (does CV use the same 1/8" phone jacks and plugs?, if no,
> what connectors are for CV?)
> It’s always the 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono connector, as specified in IEC
> 60603-11 and EIA RS-453.
> 2. if yes (CV and audio use the same connectors and cables), must CV be
> full audio bandwidth?  (can one get away with sampling CV at a slower
> sample-rate if one were to do a digital module?)
> My impression is, that there’s no real spec dealing with bandwidth issues.
> Only a few things like mechanical dimensions, power supply, gate voltage
> and Oscillator CV characteristics are “prescribed”.
> See here:
> So, the basic rule is: be a good citizen, don’t draw overly much from the
> PS and don’t send more than +/-12 volts to other modules. Be ready to
> accept +/- 12 volts at all inputs.
> i can read about some of the CV standards (like pitch CV appears to be 1
> volt-per-octave from -3 to +8 volts for the MIDI range,
> But it can be more, you can exceed this range. Oscillator have an output
> swing of +/- 10 volts, so there some oomph.
> LFO is ca. +/- 2.5 volts, ADSR is 0 to +8 volts) but i don't see a
> reference to the type of connector.  perhaps, with silence in this spec,
> it's the same as audio and CV is meant to be interchangeable with audio.
> Yes, you can plug around as you like and people do it, it’s meant like
> that. So, be prepared.
> sorry, dumb question from someone who owns no Eurorack.
> There’s no dumb question. In fact, there are a lot of digital modules
> available for the Eurorack, see here:
> They carry an almost complete selection of modules for the Eurorack.
> Best,
> Steffan
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