Greetings everyone,

Some of you may know about my work on Clairnote music notation (an alternative 
music notation system).[1]  

I just wanted to let you know about a sheet music library[2] that I've been 
working on that offers works from the Mutopia Project in Clairnote notation 
(converted via LilyPond/Scheme).  There's a blog post with more about it if you 
are curious.[3]  

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Mutopia 
Project and/or LilyPond.  This little library is very fortunate to be standing 
on the shoulders of these projects.  

If there is any interest in incorporating aspects of this library into the 
Mutopia site at some point (like MIDI playback, perhaps?), I'd be glad to help.

Many thanks,

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